Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Start

Ahhh yes, the blog. My first to be exact. I am sure I will be playing with themes and colors, but right now I can live with this one.
I plan on posting, at least once a week, photos, documents, stories, questions and the like that I come across in my journey through my family history.

So were do I start, at the beginning is usually the best place, but when you are working on family history where is that? Well, lets start at piece of interesting news. I am directly related to Pocahontas! Yes, that one.
I'm not going to do a history lesson that's not the point of this but I will give you some facts.
  1. You might find her under 3 (yes, three) names
    1. Pocahontas (the most common) a nickname meaning "Little Wanton" <playful girl>
    2. Matoaka (her birth name)
    3. Rebecca (her Christian name)
  2. No she did NOT marry John Smith, but actually John Rolfe.
  3. She died in 1617 of a respiratory illness, either pneumonia or tuberculosis.
  4. Disney's representation is mostly wrong. In fact the Powhatan tribe told Disney that they would work with them telling the story, but Disney refused.
You can check out more at Preservation Virgina and The Pocahontas Myth. Of course there are scores more, but I figure you can find them yourself.

So, thats all good and stuff but how am I related?
Well, Pocahontas is my 12th Great Grandmother. She married John and they had 1 child, a boy named Thomas. He married Jane Poythress and had a Girl named Jane. She married  Robert Bowling.  Follow the tree long enough and you find that in 1853 a women named Nancy Bowling married Joseph Eversole Jr. One of their children (Julia Ann) married a Johnson (James).  Julia is my Grandmothers Grandmother. Obviously, this is a hugely condensed version of things.

Well, that's long enough I think for my first post. Have a great Labor Day weekend. Oh and is having a free week (from now to Sept. 5th) so get to looking! You never know what might turn up.


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