Friday, September 16, 2011

The Oldest Structure in Perry County: Kentucky

Eversole Cabin
Hazard-Herald article

The links above takes you to a site that talks about about the oldest structure in Perry County, Kentucky that is still standing.  I would love to go see it in person, but for now I will be happy with just a photo.

 It was built sometime around 1800, by Jacob and Mary Eversole. At least 4 Generations of Eversole's lived there although I will have to do more looking into it to make sure. There were two battles at the Eversole cabin during the Civil war. The Union Major John Eversole and some of his men were at the home at the time when Confederate soldiers surrounded the cabin. Unfortunately for them the rest of the Majors unit was hiding in the bushes and fired on the Confederates while they were watching the cabin at least one was killed, no Union soldiers were killed. In the second go around, it was actually after the war, some Confederate Rebels went to the house and managed to kill the Major  and his brother Joseph.

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  1. Hi- through my Mothers' research I have discovered that Jacob and Mary Eversole are my Great Great Great Great Grandparents! We are hoping to visit KY this summer!