Sunday, April 8, 2012

An Easter warning

As you all know my computer is in the shop. Lucky for me Apple is covering all cost since its only 6 months old. Unlucky for me the motherboard and the RAM exploded (ok not really, but they both crapped out ) anywho, it will be atleast a week maybe two before I get it back. So I have 2 pieces of advice.
1. If you have a smartphone download the blogger app. It's free, you can write post (like I am now, it is easier on a computer but great when traveling or when your computer kills itself.), you can also read post that you are following etc.
2. Save yourself from a mental break down....BACK UP your work. I was on the edge of shooting something, till they said they MIGHT be able to save my stuff...(might). For the love of your family,pets,and sanity back up everything.

On that note have a great Easter. Hug your family, and eat an extra piece of pie for me.


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